Rho 320R HS

It is a successful business concept in the printing sector to respond rapidly and with the best quality to any market demands. The preferred partners of brand producers and retail chains are printing companies, that can produce anything, from a flyer or a poster in DIN-A0 format  to soft signage on textile support and large format posters. This customer segment has to react quickly to sales fluctuations, and that is also what they demand of their service providers. The print machines must be able to produce highly efficient and with an outstanding quality, optimized in color by other offset machines, without time-consuming proofing tests – just like the Rho 320R HS, which prints on paper, polyester fabric, vinyl, foils, self-adhesive foils and other media with a maximum width of 3.2 meters in 6 colors and in White. Thanks to the intelligent operating software, selective surfaces can be refined with either a matt or a glossy finish. With its 12,288 nozzles, the Rho 320R HS achieves a resolution of  600 dpi and is impressively fast with 1894 sq.ft./hr. The VOC free ink is accredited with the Nordic Swan eco-quality certificate. It has a high pigment concentration and reaches a high density with a reduced ink load. Roll-to-roll printing, even in differing patterns, front/back printing capability and lengthwise paper cuts make the Rho 320R HS a reliable industrial printer.

Main features:

  • High quality in at least 6 colors
  • Substrate flexibility
  • Efficient productivity
  • Eco-friendly
  • Rapid Response, 24/7 operation
  • Cost efficient printing
  • Finishing Integration

Rho 320R HS
Rho 320R HS
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