Rho P10 320R

The Rho P10 320R inkjet printer defines the new quality standard for roll-to-roll printing. Product components such as the Quadro Array P10 printhead technology, which was developed by Durst, and the magnetic linear drive carriage system are significant technical innovations for the printing press. The ´fine art' print quality is ideally suited for high visibility, backlit applications, but also for textiles and stretch media. The ability to print side by side on two 1.6 meter/5 foot rolls of media, with differing image data for each, further enhances its productivity. The large roll option allows for unattended operation. The new machine is designed for large format specialists, who wish to provide a consistent quality for a range of advertising and promotional materials. From indoor- and outdoor signage to POS/POP material to small and medium-sized packaging and backlit applications for luxury goods; the new P10 series creates business opportunities for its operators with an unrivaled versatility and productivity.

Main features:

  • Latest Durst Quadro Array P10 printhead technology for outstanding quality without loss of speed
  • Low ink consumption provided by high pigment inks results in low cost/sqm
  • Easy and fast  media change with minimum media waste
  • Unattended printing of big rolls due to integrated safety system (GSM module with status update via cell phone)
  • User-friendly operating software with management functions
  • Highly productive workflow through additional RIP workstation with hot folders for simultaneous ripping and printing of files
Rho P10 320R
Rho P10 320R
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