Tau LFS 330

Tau LFS 330 with Laser Finishing System

Tau 330 inkjet system for digital labels and specialty packaging employs inline state of the art Laser Finishing Systems. Laser systems allow maximum flexibility in finishing – just as digital UV inkjet technology provides the utmost flexibility in printing.

The Durst LFS 330 laser die cutting system running in-line with the Durst Tau 330 UV inkjet digital label press make possible lean label manufacturing from digital file to finished product in a single production step. Durst workflow eliminates non-value activities by reducing touch points and streamlining the production process. The result is fewer process steps, lower manpower requirements, less waste. With laser cutting, there are no metal dies to schedule, manage or maintain.

The Durst LFS 330 incorporates state-of-the-art technology from Spartanics. The 1000-watt laser delivers superior cut quality on a wide range of substrates, while keeping up with the Durst Tau 330's 157ft/min print speed. Automatic job changeover means multiple jobs are handled in a single pass without stopping to change dies or find die files.


  • Savings in tooling costs
  • No tooling delays • Lower scrap rates
  • Savings in set up, registration, changeover times
  • Faster turnaround times
  • Turn WIP into cash faster

Tool-based cutting technology works great for finishing long runs. But when finishing the short runs that are the mainstay for digital presses, there is no better option than the new LFS 330.

Features of Tau 330 with in-line LFS 330:

  • Digital end-to-end workflow ensures highest productivity and automation
  • Fully automatic job change-over allows continues production without interruptions
  • Kiss cut, through cut, perforated, engraved, marked, and scored
  • Broad range of approved and qualified substrates such as paper, films, polyester, polycarbonates, metalized material
  • Optional UV coating, lamination and slitting available

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Tau LFS 330
Tau LFS 330
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