Rho 2500 i

The Rho 2500 Series

The Rho 2500 i (industrial) are designed for applications in industrial environments such as wood decoration, interior décor, corrugated packaging and displays, and substitute the current Rho 1312 ad Rho 1330 models. The Rho 2500 i offer the ideal solution with highest efficiency.  All Rho 2500 Series models are equipped with the Durst Analytics monitoring tool, and customers can opt for the Durst Workflow production software as well. 

For the Rho 2500 i, the highly productive ‘Multiflex’ full automation is available, achieving a maximum loading and unloading capacity of 380 boards/hour. Multiflex automation can also be configured for 3/4 automated production.

Other options include white, dual-track print mode, a secure ink refill identification system and camera control on the outside of the printer while operating the screen. There is also an option for gradual flow printing, where a board up to 125 cm (49.2 in) long can be placed on the printing table to achieve very high gloss levels.

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