Rhotex 325

Growth trends in textile-based products for the POS markets provide new opportunities. Digitally printed fabrics attract with visually appealing colors and designs. They are easy to handle and install and can be folded to reduce space and logistics costs.

The Rhotex 325 is a dual purpose printing system that combines direct-to textile printing with dye sublimation transfer printing technology. Depending on the application and fabric, this printing system can alternate between paper transfer and direct printing on polyester-based materials in no time.

This is possible, thanks to the Durst WTS printhead technology, which achieves an exceptionally high-quality print using water-based environmentally friendly dispersion inks for various printing materials, and reaches a printing speed of up to 4,197 sq ft/hour.

The Durst Rhotex 325 is the perfect solution to enhance your portfolio with soft signage, sportswear and home textile with 24/7 production reliability.

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