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17 Years on The Cutting Edge: Astek Inc. Continues to Invest in Durst

Rochester, NY – February 2024: There is a type of magic in the ability to transform our environment. Blank walls and spaces can become wild jungles, tropical oases, and soft billowy clouds. The way people connect to spaces and environments make wallcoverings increasingly important, and with the right technology, can completely change the way we feel in a room and leave us with the sense of being somewhere more grand, more exciting, and more “us.”

Astek Inc., located in Van Nuys, California, is the industry’s leading provider of digitally printed and specialty wallcoverings. With every job, they make three promises: Innovative Design, Outstanding Quality and Excellent Service, and have delivered on those promises for 33 years. Aaron Kirsch, President of Astek Inc., said “Astek’s inception was to create beautiful designs and work with our clients to bring their concepts to life with only the best quality print in the industry.” For more than 17 years, Astek has partnered with Durst to ensure these commitments remain upheld.

In 2023, Astek invested in three new Durst printers. “I wanted to bring our production facility the best printers available,” commented Kirsch on new printers. “As we retired some of our older printers, we wanted to ensure we did not sacrifice on quality.” Having invested in nine printers prior, Kirsch was confident that the new Durst P5 350 HS, Durst P5 500 and Durst P5 350 HSR would bring him the texture, gloss, and lenticular printing he was looking for, while maintaining the quality, speed, and consistency he has come to expect from Durst. Kirsch continued, “It’s a beautiful sight when you see all the machines running.”

The most recent investment was in the Durst P5 350 HSR, the first in North America. “I was fortunate enough to visit the factory in Brixen and saw the potential for what we could do,” Kirsch said of the beta testing of the P5 350 HSR. “I saw the speed and quality and did not hesitate to say, ‘I want one as soon as available.’”  The Durst P5 350 HSR is a highly productive, dedicated roll-to-roll printer, offering the highest quality and unrivaled productivity up to 7,212 sq.ft/h (670 sqm/h). After only having the printer for 2 weeks, Kirsch knew he made the right investment, “We had a 93,000 sq. ft. job and completed it at 4pass in less than a week. It was a beautiful print with flawless production.”

“The partnership between Astek and Durst is incredibly unique,” said Tim Saur, CEO and Managing Director of Durst North America. “Over the last 17 years, we have cultivated a relationship of confidence, trust and mutual success. Aaron offers invaluable insights, and as industry leaders, we use these to continue to offer the best printers on the market. We are excited for this next ‘P5’ chapter at Astek, and look forward to the growth and achievements Astek will have as a result.”

Kirsch seconds that the relationship between Durst and Astek has always been a good fit, “I could write a list of folks who have made this a great journey and supported us along the way. Durst has always backed their product up with the quality of service they offer.” He continued, saying “Durst has always been on the cutting edge. Yes, we’ve tried a few other printers, but you get what you pay for, so we’ve stuck with Durst and never looked back.”

About Astek Inc.
Astek Inc. works with clients around the world to meet their design, digital printing, wallcovering, and signage needs in industries like hospitality, architecture, interior design, retail, and film. Their professional in-house design studio and extensive portfolio of large-format UV digital printers enables them to deliver truly transcendent print and design services. Their dedication to innovative design, commitment to quality, and excellent customer service allows them to stand out in this competitive marketplace.

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About Durst:
Durst Group AG is a leading manufacturer of professional digital imaging systems.  The company operates manufacturing facilities in Brixen, Italy, and Lienz, Austria, and has major offices in North America, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and Singapore. Durst’s reputation for quality, precision, innovation, sustainability, and reliability spans more than 80 years.

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