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Labels convey messages. They provide information about products, serve as advertising medium, encourage interaction and help to ensure a steady flow of goods. Labels are part of the packaging and of the product. Therefore, high standards are applied to the print, quality, the resistance and the functionality.

With its proprietary single pass UV inkjet technology, Durst provides the required flexibility, to produce fast, efficient and with the highest print quality for the complete range of application. Primarily small and medium runs are highly profitable with the digital systems from Durst. The options are virtually unlimited and open up an enormous potential for new products and services in an ever-changing market.

With the introduction of the Tau 330’s modular configurations, users can now ‘Configure their Digital Future’ as a stand-alone digital solution or as an entirely automated production unit with integrated conventional or digital finishing lines.

Tau 330

Tau 330 RSC

Tau 330E

Tau LFS 330

Tau 330 / OMET Xflex

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