Mission & Values

Durst creates all of our product lines with a constant eye on meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers through foresight, as to where and what the industry will demand even before our customers ask.

Our products are developed with a deep focus on streamlining workflow with usage of the widest range of media, providing unmatched quality and speed, and introducing new print technology that is timely, diverse, versatile and reliable, and yes…unrivaled. 


Mission Statement 

We are a global corporation in the production of high quality digital printer systems for the decoration and fictionalization of surfaces. Our customers are commercial service providers and industrial enterprises, with products requiring a printed surface design. We specialize in niche markets and strive for leadership in the market segments we operate in. Our aspiration to be No. 1 is based on our superior technology and our approach to the customers´ individual needs. Our mission is to supply solutions and systems to our customers to enable them to produce goods of a higher quality and more economically and to open up new business opportunities. We guarantee reliability, production efficiency and maintenance of our products so that our customers can operate successfully in their respective markets. We assume accountability for objectives, assignments, deadlines and statements. Our business conduct towards our global customers, suppliers and consultants is based on long-term partnership, which permits a competitive advantage for all parties. The foundations of our partnerships are mutual trust, open communication and complying with commitments. 

R&D Innovation



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