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Corrugated Packaging & Display Printing

Durst has been supplying Multi-Pass inkjet printing systems in the Large Format Printing segment for a many years. Printing corrugated displays and packaging materials using UV inks. Customer demands circle around high image quality, gloss, color brilliance, personalization, odor minimization and ease of production. 

With Corrugated Packaging & Display Printing, Durst is moving Multi-Pass printing systems to an independent segment in order to adapt its product portfolio specifically to the requirements of corrugated cardboard producers and converters.

At the same time, Durst has developed the Single-Pass printing system Delta SPC 130, which enables outstanding print quality and flexibility, together with extremely high productivity and integration with existing product lines.

With Durst Water-Technology ink system, Durst provides its GMP compliant water based printing technology, which is odorless, has no ink layer and provides excellent off-set printing quality for primary packaging, displays and boxes.

Rho 2500

P5 350 / 350 HS

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