You are currently viewing A closer look at environmentally-friendly Durst water technology used in Durst Printer Systems

A closer look at environmentally-friendly Durst water technology used in Durst Printer Systems

Did You Know?

Water technology printing systems offer the ability to use water-based inks as a sustainable alternative to conventional printing systems. Though not a replacement for Durst UV-printer systems, these eco-friendly printers are a water-based solution for those looking for this unique technology. Durst printers with Water Technology cover applications from traditional large format printing and corrugated to textiles and soft signage.Why use water-based printing technology?

Water-based printer systems are considerably more eco-friendly than comparable printing technology such as solvent-based ink printer systems. Durst Water Technology used in its printer systems generate a similar output to non-water-based printer systems, but without releasing harmful VOCs from the prints that can hurt the environment.

Water based inks have been popular with the textile and food packaging markets due to the need for eco-friendly printing methods. This need for eco-friendly print technology has been growing with other applications such as corrugate and other large format printing as the needs and requirements of these markets changes. Water-based printing technologies will likely become even more important as regulations increase to enforce a more environmentally-friendly approach.But, how is the print quality?

In a word, excellent.  Durst Water Technology produces a high-quality output and the ability of a wider color range to match brand colors. For large format, corrugate/cardboard, and textile printing requirements, this eco-friendly and innovative technology from Durst provides outstanding print output with production efficiency.What printer systems use Durst Water Technology?

We offer the Durst Water Technology with our Delta and Rhotex series of large format printers. This includes printers for large format, corrugated and cardboard packaging applications, as well as textile printing.

Does Durst Water Technology use a water-based ink system?

We use the more efficient Piezo Inkjet Printhead Technology. This is how it differs from others:

  • Our Printheads only generate a minimum amount of heat and feature a circulating ink system
  • No Premature curing of the ink or clogging of the nozzles

Our Water Technology ink has a more complex water-based formula that dries quicker than latex ink and has the ability to print on coated, uncoated, and a range of rigid materialsHow are Durst Water Technology Inks different from others?

Our Water Technology inks are unlike any water-based inks in the digital printing market. The inks are:

  • Odorless
  • Flexible
  • Abrasion-resistant

The Durst Water Technology Ink is on par with UV-curing inks for image resolution, color fastness and color space. The multi-function components help accomplish a reliable, fast production process on many coated and uncoated materials.

Each printing system – corrugate, textile or large format – is unique to the market it serves and therefore the way Durst Water Technology is used for each will be specific to that printing system and the requirements for the industry.What applications are best for Durst Water Technology Printer Systems?

Durst manufactures Water Technology printer systems for the large format, corrugated and textile printing markets. While all use Durst Water Technology, each printer is specially designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of the market.Corrugate Packaging & Display Printing

The environmentally-friendly technology is ideal for those applications that require prints from a sustainable source; for example, POS signage for green products or corrugate packaging.Textile Printing

Whether for soft signage or other textile printing applications, Durst Water Technology allows for eco-friendly printing on a variety of fabrics.Large Format Printing

The eco-friendly Water Technology used in the Durst Rho WT 250 large format printer is ideal for printing materials for businesses that operate using green technology or for in-store applications that require odor-neutral atmospheres.Can You Share Any Success Stories?

Yes! The VT Group: VT Graphics, Ocean Design & Digital Impact uses the Durst Delta WT 250 digital corrugate printer. In the following videos they discuss their experience with the Delta WT 250.