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Centrix Innovations Aquires Rho 750HS

Centrix Innovations Acquires Rho 750 HS, Only UV Inkjet Printer Op- timized for Corrugate Output

Founders Choose Rho 750 HS to Anchor New Packaging and Display Print Provider

When a group of successful business people from metropolitan Kansas City, Mo., decided to enter the commercial imaging industry, they thought long and hard about what printing equipment to buy. Centrix Innovations, the company they founded this year as a custom packaging and display print provider, decided on a Durst Rho 750 HS Corrugate Display Printer as the centerpiece of its operations. It now serves Midwest customers throughout the central United States in need of high-quality short-run packaging, displays, signage and large-format printing.

“We began the process of building this company over two years ago,” said Marc Radasky, Chief Executive Of cer
of Centrix Innovations. “Finding the right machinery was essential. We spent long days and nights visiting potential printers and cutters, traveling to trade shows, and researching the market. We couldn’t have equipment that was unreliable or lacking accuracy. The Rho 750 HS offers the reliability, ef ciency and accuracy we require. This is a machine that can accept the challenging projects our customers bring us. And the support Durst provides assures Centrix that any issue we might have will be recti ed quickly.”

The founders of Centrix Innovations also operate Koch Bag & Supply Co. and Columbia Burlap & Bag Co., both located in greater Kansas City, which have served customers from Minnesota to Texas for more than 60 years, Radasky said. He said their new company will deliver the same quality and service customers have come to expect from the sister companies – due in large part to the capabilities of the Rho 750 HS, optimized for corrugate printing, coupled with a fully digital Zund GL XL3200 cutting/routing table.

“Our Durst Rho 750 HS and Zund GL XL3200 cutter are providing our customers with perfectly executed custom packaging and displays,” Radasky said. “Centrix Innovations is concentrating on the short-run market and lling a need for customers who have been hampered by minimum order requirements and overhead associated with traditional printing methods.” Utilizing the latest technologies in digital printing and cutting, Centrix Innovations provides perfectly executed custom packaging and displays of any size with shorter turnaround times and lower costs, he said.

“In conjunction with our sister companies, the Rho 750 HS is allowing us to expand our supply chain, be a more complete packaging provider to our existing customers, and tap into previously unattainable business opportunities,” Radasky said. “With no minimum order requirements and no print plate or cutting die charges, our customers are realizing savings immediately. The Rho 750 HS is driving our business.”

The Rho 750 HS is a production UV inkjet atbed digital printer that handles a range of rigid media and substrates, but is especially well-suited for corrugate printing. The 80-inch printer is an ideal choice for corrugated converters and POP display specialists – delivering outstanding image quality, ef ciency and productivity for short runs of high-quality packaging, displays, signage and other output. Its versatility and easy set-up allows for customization and personalization that leads to new business opportunities and helps bring print providers move into the digital future.

“In Durst, we believe we found a partner who isn’t just interested in selling us a printer,” Radasky said. “From the beginning, we’ve felt Durst truly wanted Centrix to succeed. After our research, Durst was an easy choice. We feel secure that Durst will support us every step of the way.”