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Delta Corrugate series: High productivity and Eco-friendly

Durst has been a supplier of digital printers to the corrugated industry since 2005. Originally, the Durst Rho series large format Digital UV Multi-Pass inkjet printing systems have been used for corrugated displays and packing with excellent results.

Digital Printers Designed for the Corrugate Market

With expanding business in the corrugated market, Durst recognized the importance of a printing system specially designed for corrugated packaging and display printing. This led to the development of the Durst Delta Series, a digital printing system series specifically designed to meet the requirements of corrugated cardboard producers and converters for POP media, corrugated displays, and packaging materials.

The Addition of Single-Pass Technology

With an expanding base of customers in the corrugated packaging and display printing industry, Durst noted a change in the needs and requirements of this group. There was an increasing demand in the corrugate printing market for shorter lead times as well as smaller quantity orders. This need led Durst to explore the opportunity for development of a Single-Pass digital printing system designed specifically for the corrugate market to provide faster print times while retaining a high-quality graphic.

Durst is no stranger to Single-Pass digital printing technology having already successfully employed the technology within their Gamma Series for the ceramics printing market as well as their Tau label printing machines resulting in a large base of installations worldwide. Following this success came their newest single-pass printer, what is now named, the Delta SPC 130, the most innovative and flexible corrugate digital printing system Durst has manufactured to date.

Single-Pass Corrugate Digital Printing Makes an Impact

The corrugate print market was seeking more innovative, flexible and efficient solutions to meet the demands of its customers and the Durst Single-Pass corrugate digital printing system was able to address these needs.  Corrugate printing companies looking for the ability to offer their clients new and more flexible printing options while retaining a high quality, can now do so. Opportunity to do small, medium or large runs fast and efficiently as well as the option to personalize products in a short time frame has expanded the amount and type of businesses corrugate printers can partner with.

Not Only More Productive, But Environmentally Friendly

Both the Delta SPC 130 and Delta WT 250 utilize Durst Water Technology, designed to offer digital printing systems with water-based, non-hazardous inks as a sustainable alternative to other printing systems. This technology allows for premium quality, odorless, abrasion-resistant, glossy and lightfast end products to be produced in a single process. As packaging requirements for the corrugate market change, the need for an environmentally friendly option has become increasingly important.  Durst Water Technology addresses this need while retaining the same print quality and output that Durst is known for.