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Durst P5 series – The Next Generation Technology

The Durst P5 Series for large-format digital printing was introduced earlier this year, leading the next generation technology in large-format digital printing. The first member of this series is the P5 250 HS, targeted towards high volume industrial production, as well as one-offs in offset quality.

The P5 system is not just a digital printer, but a platform comprised of key wide-format printing technologies that complement each other to maximize operation and uptime for optimal printing performance and quality. The P5 Series at the core of its technology offers: productivity, reliability, workflow, versatility, and print quality.  
The new P5 platform, (including workflow software and advanced service tools), represents our key strategy to provide an integrated product that is designed to streamline processes and offer business growth opportunity. With Durst technology and ingenuity, we believe there is a lot to explore in this market space and the P5 250 HS is our first statement – along with our commitment to continue to lead the innovation in the large format market.

The P5 250 HS is an ideal printing system with ultra-precise drop placement and industrial reliability for today’s production as well as one-offs in offset quality. The P5 250 HS also introduces new, in-house developed software and workflow solutions.

Durst P5 250 HS features:

  • High print quality with up to 1200 dpi and 5pcl droplets enabled by latest MEMS nozzle plates powered by Durst proprietary data-path and electronics
  • Durst Analytics information platform for preemptive maintenance and detailed machine and consumption data to guarantee maximum up-time
  • Durst Workflow that provides an in-house-developed suite of applications custom tailored for Durst printers, with unique features beyond ripping

As a product that is designed to increase productivity and streamline processes, the P5 Series marks a paradigm shift in digital printing and production technology. The Durst P5 250 HS will be featured at SGIA Expo 2018 in October. Interested parties can learn more about this new generation of large-format printer systems and the integrative approach for increased production while maintaining quality.