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ISA International Sign Expo 2017: Our predictions

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ISA International Sign Expo is coming up later this April in Las Vegas and is expected to capitalize on its 70+ year track record of bringing together the best and the brightest in graphics, applications, cutters, inks, equipment, and large-format printers. We got the inside line from our North American Sales Director, Larry D’Amico on what he thinks will be the key pieces of this year’s expo.

1. What trends in industrial printing do you expect to see?

  • The continued advancement of one-pass imaging technology. I think visitors can expect to understand the progress made in one-pass technology and why they should consider it for their business. Also, the expansion of dye-sublimation technology will be a big trend, showcasing its cost-effective high quality digital execution.

2. Any idea what the expo “buzzword” will be?

  • Single or one-pass for sure. Additionally, digital printing technology still seems to be a buzzword, although it’s not particularly new to the Durst team. However, we know that some organizations are just getting used to the capabilities and deciding whether or not it’s right for their business.  

3. What would you say attendees can expect to hear from the printing professionals?

  • Attendees can expect to hear pros talk about the increase speed and quality from printing technologies. Efficiency and cost-effectiveness always resonate well with attendees because what business owner doesn’t want maximum output with minimal time? In addition, the development of printers and textiles for soft signage applications is also expected to be a large topic of discussion.

4. What mindset does an attendee need to have in order to get the most out of ISA?

  • When planning your ISA trip, if you think you would like to speak with an exhibitor, it’s important to make an appointment so you have their undivided attention. It’s not always fruitful to approach a booth randomly and ask the hard-hitting questions. You want that interaction to be as lucrative as possible, so set up a separate time to chat.

5. If anything, what do you think will be an industry “disruption” that will shake everyone to their core?

  • The single-pass technology would definitely be a disruption, because it has the opportunity of increasing print speeds by 10x. This would have a dramatic effect on an organization’s output, as well as the industry as a whole. We’re really excited about it.

6. Anything in particular you’re looking forward to?

  • Personally, I’m interested in new media developments that could drive entirely new wide-format applications. The unknown is pretty exciting.

Let’s see what ISA has in store, and we’ll touch base with Larry on his return to get his feedback on the event and see if his predictions came true.