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Schumacher packaging turns to Durst Single-Pass Technology

Durst, manufacturer of advanced digital production technologies, is successfully continuing the roadmap set for its business segment Durst Corrugated Packaging & Display Printing, which it established in 2016. Following successful installation of its Delta WT 250 multi-pass printing system with Durst Water Technology for a number of customers at the beginning of the year, Durst is now field-testing its flagship system, the Delta SPC 130. 

Showcasing Advancements in Single-Pass Technology

The printing system was showcased as a concept at Drupa 2016 and is based on the latest generation of single-pass printing technologies that Durst already deploys in its Label Printing and Ceramics Printing segments. With a print speed of up to 9350 m2/h, the Delta SPC 130 can deliver the industrial productivity required to bring digitization to the packaging sector. Alongside the more cost-efficient production of shelving and sales packaging in small and medium-sized job runs, the Delta 130 SPC also supports sampling, customizations, and versioning – directly and without setup costs.

With the development of a non-hazardous ink system based on Durst Water Technology, Durst already enables odorless and sustainable packaging products in the food retail sector. With this innovation, Durst was able to convince Schumacher Packaging to become its field test partner for readying the product for market. Like Durst, Schumacher Packaging is a family-managed company in the 3rd generation, with 3,000 employees at 28 sites across Europe. As an expert in custom packaging solutions made from corrugated and solid cardboard, the company develops and manufactures customer-specific, turnkey solutions, and as a full-service supplier, offers a wide range of services throughout Europe for all steps in the supply chain.

Learn more about the Delta Series

“What our customers value about us is that we offer uniformly high standards of technology, quality, and service at all our sites,” says Björn Schumacher, owner and Managing Director of Schumacher Packaging GmbH. “And also that we respond in a flexible way to their packaging requirements, and at the same time, offer new production options. This is the case with the Delta SPC 130, which convinced us in tests with its color brilliance, scratch resistance, and of course productivity. Digitization in the packaging sector is only just beginning to take off, and it is still the domain of offset and flexo printing. However, I can tell you today that this will change and that Schumacher Packaging will be the first mover giving the decisive impetus.”

“We are delighted with the strategic partnership with Schumacher Packaging, as it combines technological competence with industry expertise,” says Christoph Gamper, CEO of the Durst Group. “It’s definitely a major challenge for us, but at the end of the day, everyone involved can be certain that the Delta SPC 130 really is the game changer that the packaging industry is expecting. It is the call for a fully integrated production line – including pre- and post-production in particular – that we wish to perfect, and we want to offer a complete industrial solution when it launches in fall 2017.”

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