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Durst Tau 330 Installs Continue in North America

New Tau 330 Installs are Driving the Next Tech Trend: Label Printing, Specialty Segments Approach Decision Point as Digital Technology Moves In

It’s happened many times before. An industry becomes comfortable with a long-established technology, until innovation introduces new efficiencies and new opportunities. Then will it stay comfortable or embrace innovation? Advances in digital imaging and related print production processes are now bringing innovation, efficiency and opportunity right to the doorstep of label printers and other specialty segments – illustrated most clearly by the advent of Durst’s Tau 330 digital label press and the growing number of enterprises installing them. Another Tau 330 was installed in North America just this week.

“Innovation and ‘disruption’ have always been the hallmarks of technology-based processes,” notes Christopher Howard, Vice President of Strategic Business Development for Durst U.S. “More and more, specialty printing, as much as any industry, finds itself having to reimagine processes and introduce new technologies – not simply to compete, but sometimes to survive.”

The Tau 330 – designed for prime label and package printing as well as durable, pharmaceutical and food labeling applications – provides an excellent example of this positive disruption. Its sharp images, automated workflow and versatility to handle a broad range of new applications have changed the game and the possibilities for these print segments, plus an ever lengthening list that includes picture frame molding, architectural trim and vinyl flooring.

“The digital technologies found in the Tau 330 are compelling more companies to reexamine current manufacturing processes with an eye to becoming leaner, more efficient and more cost- effective,” Howard says. “There’s some discomfort involved, sure, but this is the best kind of disruption – the kind that enables companies to produce more, and more types of, high-quality output, and do it more competitively. It’s been a very interesting time watching how the industry is responding.”

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